Custom Memorial Art Information

Memorial art is custom glass art incorporated into cremation glass of your loved one.  You can shop a variety of options in my online shopping gallery and choose your setting, glass color and design for your custom-made piece.  In addition, I can consult with you personally if you have something in particular in mind that you cannot find on my website.  Please note that a consulted piece does require a $20 design fee that will be applied to your overall price.  

Memorializing your loved one in a timeless piece of art is the ultimate gift to yourself or your family.  You can have a piece of your loved one to take with you everywhere you go.  It is a comforting reminder of their presence in your life to know they are always with you.  

I take the ultimate care and respect with your loved ones ashes when working and only require a tsp to complete most projects.  I will also return to you any ashes that were unused.  

I understand the totality of a loss and seek to bring you comfort and peace through your grieving process.

How are the remains sent to the artist?

A memorial collection kit will be sent to you shortly after placing your order.

I can use ashes, fabric, hair or plant matter for memorial art pieces.  I need approximately 1 tsp of ashes to complete most projects. For fabric, hair or plant matter it all depends on the project. This can be mailed to me in a securely sealed bag, clearly labeled with your name and contact information on the inside.  You can also speak with your funeral home director about your intentions and they will assist you with providing a sealed bag with the correct amount.  If you have any questions regarding the collection of ashes on your own, please feel free to contact me directly and I can assist you.  It is also important to note that until your loved ones remains are received, your art cannot begin. 

Please note- there are no returns on custom designed art.  I will work with you to ensure you are completely happy with your finished pieces, but because of the sensitivity of these projects, there are no returns.

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